Premium self-guided Pilates, pregnancy and wellbeing programs

Discover Studio Australia Barcelona and experience our unique approach to Pilates, healing, rehabilitation, pregnancy, anti-ageing, detox, nutrition, fitness and wellbeing online.


Sneak Peek Pregnancy Program

Join the sneak preview for the S.A.B. pregnancy programs self-guided online experience!

Together as specialist health and healing practitioners we, as a combined team, have been caring for pregnant women and their birth partners for over 50 years!

Our approach is holistic.

115 € per month

Pilates & Wellbeing Program

A unique approach to online teaching.

We adapt and personalise every session to who is in class. To ensure this level of tailored service people have limited opportunity to join this special community and they must have completed the Introduction to Pilates Program unless they are previous S.A.B. Pilates trained.

150 €
Pregnant woman hugging her belly

HypnoBirthing Online

At Studio Australia Barcelona we have been helping couples or birthing partners prepare for childbirth with our HypnoBirthing courses since 2000.

Now we are pleased to offer the entire course online in the convenience and comfort of your own home!

150 €
pregnant woman on the way to start a pregnancy pilates class

Pregnancy Pilates Program

Join Pilates Master Natalia Laing as she shares over 25 years of experience to empower you to be fit, strong and healthy throughout your pregnancy with Pilates.

The Program is designed to give you the best Pilates toolbox to keep fit, understand your body better as it changes, prepare for your birth and be guided along the way.

You will have peace of mind so you can feel calm, safe and confident as you exercise.

9.95 €

Nutrition for Pregnancy

A simple concise approach to nutrition for you and your baby.
Get started with your pregnancy nutrition today!

With this simple plan you will feel in control and empowered about what you eat during your pregnancy, and after you have given birth!
Let us guide you with your pregnancy nutrition today!

We want to help you to maintain a healthy approach to the way you eat during pregnancy and in the months after birth, so that you can feel nourished, in control and empowered, knowing that you are caring best not only for your own body but also for your baby's health.

150 €
Couple working together, doing Introduction to Pilates with Natalia Laing

Introduction to Pilates with Natalia Laing

In your Introductory Session, Natalia will do a postural assessment on your body and discuss with you your history, speak about any injuries or concerns you may have and ask what you would like most to achieve from practising Pilates with us.

97 €
Green salad

14 Day Classic Detox Program

Our Detox Programs has been created for the everyday person who is busy, doesn’t know where to start in regards to detoxification & wants to learn how to take care of their body better for the long term.

19.50 €
Raw food salad image

3 Day Raw Food Cleanse

The 3 Day Raw Food Cleanse is a guided introduction to eating raw that gives you a quick reset program for your whole body.

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