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Harness your body’s innate birthing wisdom

Our Hypnobirthing course is a comprehensive, effective and enjoyable way to prepare for your baby's birth.

We will provide you with a deep understanding of labour, help you release any fears or anxieties that may cause tension and pain during labour, and give you and your birth partner all the tools you need for a calm and confident birth, whether at home or in hospital.

You can complete the nine modules in your own time, using the lessons, videos, PDFs and audio relaxations to guide you through to your baby’s birth.

All the breathing and relaxation techniques are clearly demonstrated, with lots of suggestions of how best to incorporate your practice into your daily life.

Your Teacher

Esther Jones became a HypnoBirthing practitioner in 2007, after experiencing HypnoBirthing's transformative power for herself during the birth of her second child.

She has three children, who were all born at home. Author of The Calm Dad's Guide to Birth, Esther's courses are always designed to be inclusive of the birth partner. Esther uses deep relaxation techniques and visualization to connect mothers to their innate birthing knowledge.


  1. Hypnobirthing has been shown to reduce the need for interventions and to greatly improve the mother’s birth experience.
  2. A confident, well-prepared birth partner is proven to result in a more positive birth outcome.
  3. You will gain confidence in your body and in the process of labour, helping you to deliver your baby in a calm and natural manner.
  4. You will be empowered to plan your baby’s birth in the way you choose, whether at home, or in hospital.
  5. You will learn mindful life skills that you can keep and use forever.
  6. HypnoBirthing helps to create a loving and connected experience for you, your partner and your baby.
  7. You will complete in your own time nine tailored modules that include videos, PDFs for you to download or print, visualisations, and audio files to guide you through an empowered approach to birth.

What you will get with this program:

  • 9 In-depth HypnoBirthing modules.
  • Over 40 videos.
  • Mp3 audio files with guided meditations.
  • Support materials to download or print.
  • The Calm Dad’s Guide to Birth ebook.
  • 3 fundamental Pilates for Pregnancy classes.
  • Nutrition for Pregnancy Program.
  • Relaxation & Techniques Workshop every month live with HypnoBirthing specialist Esther Jones.

HypnoBirthing Online Program content


Module 1. The Science Behind HypnoBirthing

  • Why a relaxed body gives birth more easily.
  • The physiology of labour.
  • How your hormones play a key role in birth.

Module 2. The Power of the Mind

  • Why we are deeply conditioned to fear childbirth.
  • Explore your feelings about childbirth.
  • Release limiting thoughts and fears.

Module 3. Cultivating a New Mindset

  • Create a new, positive vision of your birth.
  • Harness the power of language and imagery.

Module 4. Breathing Techniques

  • 3 Simple breaths that will transform your labour.
  • Learn how to use your breath to release and let go.
  • Breathe your baby down without forced pushing during labour.

Module 5. Relaxation Techniques

  • How to achieve deep relaxation quickly and easily.
  • Deepening techniques for ultimate relaxation.

Module 6. The Birth Partner

  • The complete birth partners' toolkit.
  • The role of the birth partner.

Module 7. Planning Your Birth

  • Creating your birth plan.
  • Choosing the right environment for your birth.
  • Choosing your birth companion.

Module 8. The Big Day

  • Getting ready for labour.
  • How to incorporate the HypnoBirthing techniques you’ve learnt.
  • Step by step journey through labour.

Module 9. The Postpartum

  • Esther’s guide to caring for yourself postpartum.

+ Bonus for Dad!

Included also in your HypnoBirthing Online Program is a copy of Esther’s ebook The Calm Dad’s Guide to Birth!

This guide will provide Dads-to-be with everything they need to be a wonderful birth partner. Giving them the opportunity to understand why their unique role is key to a happy birth experience for everyone, with the tools to carry out that role confidently.

Extra gifts for you!

We believe in a holistic approach to wellbeing so we have included in your HypnoBirthing Program two extra wellbeing gifts to care for your body during your pregnancy:

Pregnancy Pilates - 3 Bonus classes!

Join Pilates Master Natalia Laing as she shares over 25 years of experience to empower you to be fit, strong and healthy throughout your pregnancy with Pilates.

The Pregnancy Pilates Program includes essential classes to teach you how to use your pelvic floor muscles, exercises that will support your body and posture and tips that give you peace of mind so you can feel calm, empowered and confident as you workout.



Your bonus classes include:

  • Fundamental rules to exercising safely when you are pregnant.
  • Pelvic floor exercises for a better birth and recovery.
  • Exercises for maintaining good posture during pregnancy and while breastfeeding.

Nutrition for Pregnancy Program

The Nutrition for Pregnancy Program will help you to maintain a healthy approach to what you need to eat during pregnancy and in the months following birth so that you can feel nourished, in control and empowered, knowing that you are caring best not only for your own body but also your baby's health.

A simple pregnancy nutrition plan to know what to eat during your pregnancy by Wellness Specialist Mandy Keillor!


HypnoBirthing provides you with a path back to your body’s innate birthing wisdom.

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